Atlantic Coastal Medical Supplies LLC

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Thomas –

Victim Location 28772

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

This company will call (older people) and ask if you have back or knee pain. If you answer yes, they will try to convince you to try their braces "free of charge" and get your mailing address. It’s a Medicare scam and targets older people who may not think quickly enough while on the phone. This happened to my mom who has early dementia. After receiving one box of braces, the calls have been RELENTLESS for more braces. Must be a huge money maker. Many calls a day. There have even been calls where the person pretends to work for UPS and says they have a delivery and they need to have her mailing address. Another trick to send out braces. I answered that one and grilled the guy until he hung up on me. I have gotten nowhere in communications with the company. I just want her information removed from their database.



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