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Caleb –

Victim Location 79701

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a part-time job as a secret shopper on LinkedIn with AYSM At Your Service Marketing. I later received an email stating my application had been accepted and I would receive further instructions via email and a check via mail and further instructions to visit a store to make one or two purchases. Then I would complete a survey to rate the customer service I received. When I received the check and presented it to be cashed I was informed this was a fake check.

I then called AYSM outside of Denton Texas, they informed me they had been hacked and it wasn’t real and they had reported it to the local police in there area and asked me to do the same. I went to the local police department they told me they couldn’t do anything due to no money changed hands and the company itself needed to report it where the business was located. I then went to the District Attorneys office and was basically told the same thing. I went to the paralegal office downstairs and once again was told the same thing. I called the company back again to assure this had been reported in there town. Something must be done about this. So I’m contacting you.



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