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Courtney –

Victim Location 15501

Type of a scam Phishing


This is to let you know that your email has been received and stored into our regional database system, I’m happy to let you know you have been considered for the mentioned position, however we currently have 7 slots for this position nationwide and presently we have received about 30 qualified applicants. We have decided to run a test on each applicant to be able to screen & choose the best 7 applicants to fill up this position. In this test which will allow you to process your 1st projeect, we will be assessing the following:

1. Efficiency of applicants.

2. Applicant’s ability to carry out instructions

3. Applicant’s ability to perform his/her duty in a timely manner.

We shall need a copy of your ID showing your Full mailing address to issue out upfront payment to complete a sample project and also to purchase an Alienware Laptop for the job but it shall be returned back to the company if you are not qualified after the trial project. Let us know if you would prefer a check or direct deposit sent to your bank account. Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this email.


Elizabeth Brooke,

Network Agent.

Copyright © 2016 Aston Network

We got your email and required information. We are pleased to let you know that your application is inline for processing. Once we are done you will receive an instruction on how to order/receive the alienware laptop and a description on what your sample project would be. Thanks and be on staandby..

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The Payment has been sent to your bank account and you should receive it before the end of today. Kindly aknowledge this email as soon as you receive it. We shall instruct you on what to do as soon as you receive that payment for the Alienware laptop. Thanks

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You should receive the payment in your bank tomorrow or tuesday. Our bank said the delay was due to the Holiday and weekend. Do you have any idea how much a preowned Alienware or a Razer Blade Laptop would cost locally ? Kindly make findings as soon as you can. Thanks

Thomas, The Deposit is $4000 exactly and it should reflect in your account before or after end of banking hour today. Get back to us as soon as you have it in your account for further instruction. Would you prefer an Alienware to Razor Laptop ? We need to know what you are familiar with. Thanks

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Thomas, Did you receeive my email ?

Okay in that case we shall go for the Alienware. Can you please check your account for the deposit. Get back ones it has reflected. Thanks

They keep on wanting me to check for a direct deposit.



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