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Sandra –

Victim Location 48624

Total money lost $49

Type of a scam Employment

I had to pay for training for a work at home job. $49.00. Then after the training I was told the next step was to select an affiliate company to work through or start my own company and register it with Arise to get work. I would have to pay for continued training required for whichever job I would put in for and also I would have to pay Arise a bi-monthly fee. I found this out after researching one of the affiliates when looking for one to choose and found out they charged a fee each time I would get paid. This prompted me to ask Arise more questions and that is when I found out they planned to charge me to as well.The affiliate programs I was told I had to choose from to work for were called an Independent Business/IB.None of this information was disclosed to me before I went through the first training called CSP 101 which they old me I got at a discount on because it cost $99 or $100 normally. I was told the IB charges to cover the deposit fees however Arise said they pay through Paypal and Paypal charges a fee to receive my pay through them. I can forward you the email with all the fees in it upon request. except it did not include the IB’s fees; just Arise. So I’d pay Arise to work, pay them for training me, pay the IB for working, an pay Paypal to get my money. I came here because I found articles on the internet saying if you have to pay for the job it is a scam.



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