Arbitration of Delaware and Artibitration of California

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Blake –

Victim Location 89431

Type of a scam Phishing

Received a phone call as the HR person in our company from Sherry Cena from the Arbitration of California then corrected her self saying she was not actually out of California she is from the Arbitration in Delaware. The caller ID listed as "800 Service" with phone number 855-853-9575 and she was demanding to speak with one of our employees. When I explained that he is out in the field working, she then demanded his location saying they needed to serve him with papers. I said can not give out any personal information and definitely not his location on a job site. She became very agitated and asked me to tell him to call her immediately at 888-863-6498 ext. 106 and gave me a "Case#". I did as she warned the employee to block his number just in case. He called and she refused to tell him what this was about and started yelling at him so he said he was going to notify the police if she didn’t calm down and explain herself. She then hung up on him. Sherry (doubt that’s her real name) called me back at the office and said "I don’t know what the deal is with Mr. (our employee)’s attitude but he is refusing to tell me where he is." I asked what company are you calling me from? She replied with "That is none of your business and began ranting and I said well, then you and I have nothing to discuss. Bye." I am assuming this is a scam. I couldn’t find anything else matching these types of details so I am posting this to for warnings for others. I’m used to receiving telemarketing and scam calls, but this lady was particularly aggressive and intimidating and I could see someone falling for her baloney.



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