Aqua Finance

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Kate –

Victim Location 24333

Type of a scam Phishing

I was contacted by this number and asked if I was "First Name, Last Name" (they knew my correct first and last name) and I said "Yes, it is" before I thought about the recent phishing scams of getting people to say yes so they could record my voice. Then after I replied "Yes, it is" then they told me that my name and number was associated an immediate family member named Brandy Williams and I replied no I do not know that person and they hung up without asking any further questions.

A couple of minutes after I realized that I may have been scammed, I called the number back and spoke with someone on the phone that told me it was a business called "Aqua Finance" and she said she would remove my number (that showed up on her ID). The website looks very suspicious and several bad reviews and complaints are on the BBB site and Google. I feel like that if they were truly trying to get in contact with an immediate family member they would have been more persistent about asking further questions. After I said "yes" to my name they were willing to hang up the phone easily.



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