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Adriana –

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Type of a scam Phishing

Robert Baker

Hello mr Baker my name is *** *** I was Informed to contact you about an interview by Mrs. Warran


Nice to have you here. I believe you are here and ready for the job briefing and interview.?

Yes, She informed me that you would provide all details and information pertaining to the position

Good.. Lets proceed, Welcome to the company and as we proceed further with the briefing and interview, you will get to know more and understand better about the open positions. I want you to know that your quick response is highly appreciated, so try as much as you can to make sure that you respond very fast so we can get done with this on time. Is that clear?


I am Mr. Robert Baker(58). I am the Online Human Resources Manager to ( Aprogen pharmaceuticals Inc ). I am located in Los Angeles CA. I will be the one to brief and interview you more about the opening position. Please introduce yourself indication your full name and location. Thank you!

Good afternoon my name is *** *** I am currently located in fayetteville nc

Alright, welcome to this online interview and before we proceed I will like to explain the meaning of an online interview. An online interview is an online research method in which participants are asked a series of questions, given description of the company and the job position aided by the use of computer-mediated communication tools such as instant messaging, email, or video chat technology, but what we are doing now is the instant messaging method. I hope this is very well understood?

Yes, very well understood

The name of the company is "Aprogen pharmaceuticals Inc". Just follow the briefing and you can ask questions when I am through….Let me know when you have finished reading and understanding every line. You will be allowed to ask questions later. With each line just respond with a "Done Reading" and YES/NO SIR when necessary. Is that clear?

Done reading

Aprogen Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1960 and became a publiccorporation in 1984. Since then, the company specialized in manufacturing and selling various pharmaceutical products including amino acid infusion agents and antibiotics. After the dispensing system of pharmaceutical products was changed by the Korean government, Aprogen Pharmaceuticals secured its stability and competitiveness of corporate management through a strategic re-organization of its company structure. Aprogen Pharmaceuticals has advanced technology and knowledge in the antibiotics field and have secured 17% annual market share in the domestic injection drug market. We are continuously making efforts to improve our market competitiveness and achieving a good growth rate in each year.

Done reading

Continuous effort of Aprogen Pharmaceuticals to reinforce core capabilities

Based on our philosophy of S: speed, C: care, H: health and wellbeing,Aprogen Pharmaceuticals has diligently worked to strengthen its core competence and stabilized its foundation in the domestic pharmaceutical market.For the past half-century, Schnell biopharmaceuticals has strived to meet those values and promises to become one of the most reliable pharmaceutical companies of the 21st century.Aprogen Pharmaceuticals is equipped with excellent research ability and manufacturing line. Moreover, it possesses over 200 types ofmedical products including anti-cancer drugs, circulation medicines, digestive aidmedicine, anti-allergy medication, amino-acid nutrient transfusion agents and etc

Done reading

The positions available are:Customer Service Rep./ Admin – Assistant./support/management/ Data Entry Operations and Logistics/ Supply Chains/ Dispatch Associate/ Technician/ IT / Help Desk/ Receptionist/ Front Desk / Financial Analyst And Managerial Positions…Which is your field?

I am an human Resource manager so the only possible position would be Management or managerial

Job Description:

Attracts potential customers by answering product and service questions, suggesting information about other products and services. Opens customer accounts by recording account information.Maintains customer records by updating account information. Maintains workflow by studying methods; implementing cost reductions; and developing reporting procedures. Creates and revises systems and procedures by analyzing operating practices, recordkeeping systems, forms control, office layout, and budgetary and personnel requirements; implementing changes. Good computer skills, the ability to work in a busy environment. An understanding of data confidentiality issues. The ability to work quickly and accurately, and pay attention to detail. And as well as other monetary duties attached to it… Would you be able to handle that if trained towards it?

Yes I would

Social Skills and Qualifications required include:

Customer Focus, Customer Service, Data Entry Skills, Listening, Phone Skills,Construction Project Manager, Building Relationships, People Skills, Interpersonal Savvy, Problem Solving, Multi-tasking.

Technology Skills Required:

Typing speed of 30 / WPM, MS-Word / WordPerfect Excel, PowerPoint, MS-Outlook, Visio ,Adobe Acrobat Professional / Nuance PDF Professional,Worksite / FileSite, Elite / CMS / Timeslips, ABBYY FineReader and Dictaphone.. Are you familiar with these required skills and are you capable of handling it ?.

Yes sir

The working hours are flexible and you can chose to work from anywhere of your choice, the pay is $55 hr per hour during full working hours and the training is $11.5/hr and you will be getting your payment weekly or bi weekly via direct deposit or paycheck and the maximum amount you can work a week is 40 hours. If you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee or an independent contractor.

Done reading

Here are some interesting facts we think you’d like to know about the job and our company:

Soon we will be setting up 2 new branches near your location. That is why we are looking for 16 new hires to work from home. Once the new branches have been built at your location, you can either chose to work in the office or continue working from home.

Our office close to you will be completed estimated three months from now, so the position and job done for now is work from home till the office is completed and (NOTE THAT) As soon as you are confirmed qualified, you will be needing the complete office equipment to setup a mini office at home, with the company making full provisions of the necessary working materials you would be needing.

Working hours are flexible, All activities and corresponding time are to be recorded in excel spreadsheet. As for your duties, your supervisor whom will be attached to you online will always assist you with any difficulties by email.

Done reading

Benefits Package: Health, Dental, Life and AD&D Insurance, being able to use sick time without having to prove you are sick or presenting a doctor’s note, employee Wellness and 401k plans. Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts, Relocation Allowances (for some positions) as well as Sign-On Bonuses

You would be eligible to these benefits after 1month of working with the company. Endorsement benefit deals opportunity are available as well.

I hope you are okay with those benefits the company are offering?

Yes, done reading

The Supervisor, who would be attached to you online, He/She would assign logs of duty daily and you would be required to work according to instructions, using the Microsoft Office tools and the Accounting software. Now the function of the Accounting software is to arrange, formalize and manage the data you have processed, sent to your supervisor via E-mail.

You will undergo a "1 week training program" from your training supervisor that will enhance your ability and give you the simple sense of what you are employed for. He/She will be training you on how to work with the programs accurate and other Data Entry works you will need to get done.Your training is going to be done online through your PC and PHONE.

Done reading

Now I am going to ask you few questions now, once done with your answers simply write (DONE) so I can go on with my next question. Are you ready ?


Good..1). Have you ever worked from home or online before ?

2). Are you currently employed ?

3). How many hours do you intend to dedicate to this job position daily?

4). Are you seeking for a Full time or Part time position?.

5). What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

6). Do you have an idea on how to use MS excel?

7). What is your highest educational diploma?When did you receive it?

1. No 2. No 3. 40+ hrs 4. Full time5. Information Management, inner personal skills, leadership 6. Yes 7. Masters of Science in Mediation and arbitration

Very Good..I do believe you are ready for the last 6 questions now ?


8). How long do you expect to remain employed with this company if hired?

9). What do you think you can do for us that other candidates can’t?

10) How would you like to be Paid. Weekly Or Bi-Weekly?

11). This company do pay employees via Direct Deposit. Do you have an issue with getting paid via Direct Deposits?

12) What bank(s) do you operate with to see if it tallies with the company’s official salary payment account ?

13). How hard working and productive will you be for our company when you start working with us ?

8. Diligent honest hard work, challenge myself on a daily basis, and ask the hard questions if need be 9. I am a self starter and with 20 years in the military I always take the hard right over the easy wrong, 10. Weekly is fine but so is bi-weekly, 11. No, 12. Usaa, 13. I challenge my self to work harder than everyone in order to succeed you must have goals in order to obtain these goals you must put in hard work

Alright here comes to the end of the interview questions… Well you have done well so far and you seem like a qualified fit for this position.

I need you to hold on online because I need to forward our conversations and your answers to the Head Dept. to enable them see if you are committed and good for this job. I need you to hold back online for 5-7 minutes. Do not stay far away from the device you are logged on.

Ok, done reading

After further review on your interview answers by my senior superior, he released your interview result and I have it right here with me.. Are you ready to know your stand ?


Okay you scored (71 percent out of 100 and above average) on the interview questions answered.

Congratulations! The good news is….You have just been confirmed qualified for this position. You are now offered the job position…You are HIRED! You are welcome to "Aprogen pharmaceuticals,Inc". You are now given a chance to show your commitment, charisma, diligence and be a productive employee. 🙂

We hope to see your great spirit of excellence in work, hope you won’t let us down 🙂

Thank you done reading

Alright, your information will be documented in no time .. Your info’s will be enlisted into the Company’s Register and a printed copy of it will be fax to the Head Regional coordinator Of Your Region.

You will start as soon as your working materials are available and you will be earning a starting pay of $55 hr and $11.5/hr during training.. Got it?


You will be needing some working materials and soft-wares to begin working with, the working materials are the major equipment that you will be needing to set up a Mini-Office with.. The working materials/equipment includes all wooden materials,machines .. The Wooden materials are the Office chair and table and office cabinet as well if need be for it, e.t.c..

Done reading

Here are the name’s of some of the software’s you will need to start working with Myob business essentials software 2013, US Patent Single Users Pack simply accounting 2013,Apple Final Cut Express 3.5 HD Upgrade,Norton Ghost 9.0,Microsoft Office XP 2012 Standard Upgrade,Peach tree Premium Accounting 2013.

Let me know if this is very well understood.

Earlier you stated I would receive a computer and office supplies, will I upload the application on that computer?

Okay the training supervisor that will be attached to you will take you thru those soft-wares, you are going to be trained on how to use them and when to use them.. The company will be providing you with a free brand new HP laptop and along with a fast internet connection… Your training supervisor need you to get these programs ready to enable you work accurate with him or her.

The funds for the software/working materials will be provided for you by the company Via CHECK and once you receive this check make sure you use it as instructed for the soft-wares and I will refer you to the company’s vendor whom you are to purchase them from… Understood?


Am I dealing with sales?

The reason why the Company is sending the funds for your Mini office equipment is due to the fact that the company wants this to stand as a test of trust and also we want to know how good you can handle funds placed in your trust or care. I hope we have %100 assurance in you?

Yes, but just so you know I will not relinquish my account information online

Yes will dont that

The company would you like to obtain your working materials immediately and get started so you can get on receiving payments and bonuses in cash compensations

Done reading

We are going to work on giving you your start up check first and foremost so you can use to acquire your needed working materials to enable you resume work and start earning your pay .. We will send the check to you right away in an easier and faster method which most of our employees appreciates and prefers… Okay?


I was just informed right now that the accountant will be sending the check to you via Email. That’s done by sending you very clear images of the start up check both Front and Back, then once you get it in your email all you’re needed to do is to have it printed out and mobile deposited. Do you understand?


Do you have your USAA Bank online mobile banking app. available on your phone?


Provide me with your preferred email address

My email address is listed on my resume

Are you familiar with Mobile depositing of checks ? making use of the online banking app. ?


Do you know how much your check mobile deposit limit is for your Bank?

I dont have a limit

Do you have access to a printer right now ? so the process can be carried out immediately ?

I’m not at home

Okay, what time will be get home to enable you have access to a printer ?

Not for another hour, but why would you need me to be home, if you send the information through email I will have it and complete everything within the next 24hrs

I believe this is your correct email address ***@gmail.com ?


Alright,.. The Accounting Officer informed me that you will receive your start up check for the purchase of your working materials by Tomorrow morning 8am your time…Okay ?

Yes, ok

What would be my title, you never officially stated

You will get to know that as soon as you resume fully with your working materials

Make sure you are here online Tomorrow Morning at 8am your time on here for updates on and how to get started with your work

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Have a wonderful evening, thank you

You are welcome

Robert • Wed, 7:12 PM



Good morning and how are you doing today?

Well, and u

I am fine thanks for asking

Good morning, before we move forward I need you to provide the EIN number, I am a legally court certified arbitrator which was detailed within my resume. I can then verify this information so I may confirm the position and insure it is not a scam, if not provided all communication will be provided to the Better Business Commission for further investigation. Thank you

*** this is not a scam and you have nothing to worry about here at all also the company is private which they operate things on their own

Not so, so I called the actual company and the receptionist gave me the real HR person’s email address (the real email address was very similar except it was NOT a gmail address)!

I have been working with this company for 10 years now and they have never been any illegal activities here

As stated, provide an EIN number and we can move foward

I pretty understand your area of concern but you need to believe what ever we are doing



I believe you are ready for update?


EIN number please, this is my last time asking!

You will be using Google Hangouts for now until after 2 weeks a link to the company’s official website will be given to you and you will be given your own personal user id and password where you can access a full list of the entire company’s different departments contact information and phone numbers.. Understood?

Have a good day sir, I will not be accepting your offer or position!

Please NOTE that the company is not rushing you. This is an Immediate hire and we’ve been looking for candidate to fill up this position. The company was looking for 16 candidates, we’ve found 15 candidates already and you just made it 16. The 15 candidates started working so we want you to receive the check today so you can purchase your working materials right away so you will receive your pay same day with the other 15 candidates. Hope you understand?



Robert • 38 mins

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Robin –

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Type of a scam Other

Text received: Goodday,i believe this is (my name was listed)?

My reply: Yes. Text reply back to me: I am Mrs. Monique Hill from ( Aprogen pharmaceuticals Inc ). Your résumé has been reviewed on (ZIPRECRUITER) and you have been selected for an interview based on your qualifications for the Data Entry/Logistics/Customer Service / Management / Administrator position,Pay rate 55 hr .. We would like to know if you are interested ? My reply: You listed 5 positions, which position exactly would I be interviewing for? Text reply back to me: The name of the Company is (Aprogen pharmaceuticals Inc)..The company’s head quarter is located in South Korea, this is an online work from home job position where you can chose to work from anywhere of your choice.. And the company will provide you with all necessary materials that you will be needing to work from home with, so do you think you would be having any problem working online from home? My reply: No, I would not have a problem working from home. Text reply back to me: You were among the (20) candidates that were selected for an electronic interview with the HR Manager and he will be the one to brief you more about the job position and the company. The interview will be conducted electronically via "Skype and Google Hangout".. So please which of these Apps. do you have to get started? My reply: I am sorry I do not have either one of those. Replies back to me (before I had a chance to reply back to them): (text 1) Okay. (text 2) Have a Google hangouts downloaded on your cell phone or pc for the interview process online now. (text 3) the Hr manager is online now to conduct the interview with you. (text 4) let me know once you are done downloading the app. My reply: Okay, I got it! This is a scam and I have just reported the ENTIRE texts word for word to the ScamPulse.com. Thank you for the offer of the "interview" but you will not be getting ANY financial info out of me. Have a blessed day.



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