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Robyn –

Victim Location 90265

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

The scammer posted the following casting call on ModelMayhem, a networking website for fashion industry professionals. After submission, a model receives an email requesting her home address. A model is supposed to receive a check with advance payment for her work and money for the wardrobe, which she is supposed to forward to the wardrobe stylist. The scammer is also trying to contact the model on the phone to speed up the process.

Here is the text of the email:

"Dear MMer,

My name is Michael Winters, I am the assistant casting director for Apexstoreca.

We acknowledged your interest via in response to the message you received via MODELMAYHEM. We are extremely confident about the potential results of our collaborative efforts as it would be an honor

to capture your beauty, poise, elegance, and sensuality.

Job Details:

This is an online and Catalog Photo Shoot assignment for our clients. The assignment is to showcase different brands of our products. It intends featuring a large collection of new products from various sources and manufacturers to be displayed in an online Classified ad, Pamphlets, Billboards, Handbills, Calendars and also on our website. Our obligation in respect to this piece of project is to generate some marketable images to feature these items, where a model will pose with the various products and sizes to exhibiting a photographic character/language able to attract and call consumer’s attention. It is very simple and works the same as any typical promotional or commercial photo shoot. The end product from the photo shoot is an online classified ad, Pamphlets,Billboards, Calendars and our magazine that would convince the public to make these collection a choice among others.

Event Date Notice

You’re to check your availability and choose the best date feasible for you between; April 18th and 25th of April,2016, which is the idea shoot date scheduled for your State. Please note that any day you pick between two dates cannot be changed later on except the changes is made a week before the shoot. Location/Venue of event: we’re making an arrangement for a suitable Studio/arena within your City for the event and you’ll receive the location detail and driving direction as soon as the venue is confirmed. Our crew and I will tour your locality for the shoot so you need not to travel far from your base.Compensation: Paid ($300.00/hr.), a duration of four (4) hours shoot/gig plus free lunch and models will receive copies of

photo shoot via Dropbox or on CD.

Time of Event: 10:00 A.M – 2:00 P.M

* Nudity: No

* No level of experience is required.

N.B – We’ll be responsible for your hair do, lunch and transportation, except for your wardrobe/costume that will be shipped to you directly from a contracted Designer in charge. You’ll be paid

$300/hour of which advanced deposit of $300 shall be mailed upfront to you to ensure your engagement on the upcoming project with us in line with our business ethics. Your wardrobe bills will not be from

your personal pocket, in view of this; you will not only receive a certified paycheck of $300 but also with an extra amount that you will use to pay for your wardrobe bills which you will forward to the

Designer in charge of your Wardrobe after processing the check along with your measurements.

The payment for your wardrobe and clothing measurements has to be forwarded to the designer by you, reason being that, the payment for your wardrobe has to be made or billed to your Name/info as requested and acceptable business terms by the Designer, to ensure a tallied

customization and label to be printed on your costumes. Therefore, you must have an active Bank Account to deposit the check you’ll be receiving, all you need to do is to go to your Bank and deposit the

check yourself to your account to take care of your wardrobe/costume bills and upfront payment. I hope this is clear?

NOTE: The Paycheck will be mailed out to you from our Account in Stockton,California.

Models/actors may attend the shoot with their choice of escort (maximum of two) and should not arrive location later than 9:30 a.m. to commence make-ups and attend a brief introductory class about the

proposed project and shoot starts by 10:15 a.m. You will be given a Model Release Form to fill at the Venue just before the shoot commence. This shoot is going to be fun as different acting characters

maybe involved, which is the real sense of this project. Take the courage to participate in this paid and legit opportunity as we look forward working with you soon.

Final Note:

we recommend that you read the content above over again for proper understanding and do not hesitate to ask questions. Below are the required Payment and Sign-up detail you are to forward to us for filling and to mail you the aforementioned Paycheck for your Upfront and Wardrobe bills:

Name in full for the check:

Home Mailing Address:



Zip code:

Mobile/Home Phone#:



Stage Name:

2 recent Picture:

Do not hesitate to ask any question if any concerning the detail above. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible and we look forward to work with you on this project .

Best Regards,

Mochael Winters


[email protected]"



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