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Tammy –

Victim Location 28540

Type of a scam Employment

The first time I was contacted, it was by a guy by the name of John Baisden and he offered me an employment opportunity with his company by the name of ‘APC Delivery’ (which was a "work from home" job), it seemed legit how the email was presented just like any other employment opportunity, it had a description of the company and it listed all of the work requirements, so I confirmed my interest and said, "I would like to apply". So then it took them about 3 weeks to email me back , this time it was a woman by the name of Melissa Williams, to be honest I had forgot all about them emailing me in the first place, so I was thinking ‘okay’ I was kind of skeptical and excited at the same time that they emailed me back because I’ve always wanted a ‘work from home job’ and so they sent me an email that had documents attached to it, one of the documents was an employment application and the other document had the job description and the amount of pay. Base pay was 1500 a month on salary, sounds nice right? It was too good to be true…the first thing that made me suspicious was when I did hours of research and came across a Facebook page that was made by a "former employee" who was also "employed" with APC Delivery, the page said "Scam scam scam"…. "Do not trust these people" and I scrolled on the page where he had posted messages between him and the scammer (Melissa Williams). So I contacted him and he said that he was employed with them for two months and they did not pay him. So I did more research throughout the days and I looked up their "corporate address" on google maps and took a look at the street view and there was no business by the name of ‘APC Delivery’ in fact it was a lawyer’s office at that exact location, so I contacted a lawyer by the name of Simon Coatsworth who works at Zenith Chambers in the United Kindgdom 10 Park Square E, Leeds LS1 2LH, UK, and he sent me a message saying that they are the only business at that address, and he stated that they do occasionally use courier delivery services through a company called APC known as Leeds Parcel Company, BUT he does not know why they would use their address for any other legitimate reason and that he suspects this may be a scam. That’s when I KNEW this was some sort of scam!



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