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Laura –

Victim Location 30013

Total money lost $1,600

Type of a scam Employment

after attempting to complete online nursing applications for employment with the following companies: Amedysis, Piedmont rockdale medical center , INDEED, and Grady Health care system and finally Dekalb noted that this particular company with managers and recruiters would contact me on the phone initially stating that they viewed the resume/application online for employment then ask what was the last place of employment stating Tenet Health care, and stating that they were unable to access the entire resume. After briefly asking questions related to periods of umemployment , they would state that they would forward the information to a manager and would contact me further for interview if considered. As a Registered Nurse newly licensed in the state of Georgia after completing an online refresher course at Clayton State University I became concerned when the individuals were consistently providing fraudluent means of online scam, the license is made public on the website and as soon as it was issued, and I began seeking employment I started noted problems that didnt seem legal or normal. Usually a hiring company whether with a hosipital or organization has a website and and human resource dept which handles applications for employment however these individuals were very sophisticated in nature and until i started to contact the hospitals back directly and inquire if the persons name provided to me worked at the hospital or organization then i noted the calls as well as the emails were fraudulent and interfered with not only federal labor laws but faulty business practices. After submiting an online application to 04/1/2018 and then beign contacted by a recruiter named Olivia inquiring about a position for homehealth noted that the last place that i worked was Tenet South Fulton Hospital and I informed her that it wasnt that I had previously worked last at Central Regional Hospital in Butner, NC and with Two travel nurse agencies in the years of 2008-2009. She stated would email a link providing an application and the directions for an interview the next day at !:00pm after the conversation ended i went to the link and attempted to complete the online application and noted there were no directions where the office was located so i completed the application online and submitted it. then called Amedisys back spoke with Olivia who stated that she had not scheduled interview for the next day and stated that she would give it to her manager. and refused to provide directions or provide a company address and I stated to her that she had sceduled the interview and had no intentions of interviewing me for a position because she didnt provide an address, so I verbalized that I wasnt interested in pursuing employment with the company and ended the call. The first incident occurred after going online again and applying for a nurse position with Piedmont Rockdale Medical Center for an emergency nurse position,. The nurse recruiter named Jessica Butler contacted me April. 4, 2018 as I was about to interview for a position with Atlanta Family Hospice, Ms Butler stated that she had obtained the application asked questions about last place of employment and periods of unemployement as well as skills and stated that she would forward the information to a hiring manager and state that someone would contact me later. Three days later an email was sent just like one sent today on April 13,2018 which stated we have decided to pursue other candidates for the position however I attempted to contact Rockdale Medical Center to inquire if a Ms. Butler worked there as a recruiter and was So I disregarded the application. Then after a recruiter contacted me on April 4, 2018 from Dekalb Medical center about a position then I contacted him back on April 13, 2018 and he stated that he was interviewing for oncology positons and because some positons had were still open advised me to view the website for current positions so I went on the website completed the applications and noted that there were duplicate responses to the application stating thank you for your application and still proceeded to submit them, after speaking with Collin this am I informed him that because of the concerns had with previous applications I wanted to contact the Georgia Labor Board who regulates hiring practices within the state of Georgia so If there were any problems hiring an applicant then state so. So I applied for three positions with this company , Emergency Dept, Resource Float pool. and IV team. Later that afternoon another recruiter contacted me named Ryan and stated he was the recruiter for the Emergency Dept and Pool and stated that he viewed the application asked some relevant questions regarding last place of employment and recent emergency experience and after a brief discussion I explained to him all the above problems with employment applications and recruiters and managers and he explained what the process would entail and assured me that his organization was different stated that Dekalb recruiters were legitimate and that after the managers reviewed the application someone would contact me via phone or email however it would take a couple of days but stated that managers in the emergency dept typically required recent experience however not always. Ryan contacted me after 3pm today and by 5:OO pm an email was sent from an unknown source stating they were from Dekalb Medical Center with an unknown telephone number and computer generated document stating that We have decided to hire someone else for the position. I contacted the Gerogia Board of Nursing and spoke with an anaylst Brad Coman and informed him that there were concerns about the hiring process and employment here in Georgia and despite having the license and them being active I was concerned because that didnt do me anygood if I wasnt actively working and I informed him that after spending the amount of money for licensure in the state of Georgia and then havng to complete a refresher course to gain the necessary clinical skills for licensure I felt that it would be better to place the license on inactive status. Mr. Coman explained that after going thru so much to get the Gerogia RN license reinstated he didnt agree but I explained that the hiring process seemed fraudulent and whether or not its online or at a job fair employers should want to hire registered nurses and not be so quick to look at former places of employment rather than current credentials and asked how I could get the Georgia license transferred to a multistate license like the nc license. He stated that to place the license on inactive status would be free just submit forms and that the license that Georgia issued were single state and that additonal paperwork would need to be provided to qualify for multicompact licensure.. I contacted the program director at Clayton State University Continuing Education dept Karen LaMarsh and informed her of the problems being encountered with employers and the fact that prior to enrolling in the online course with Clayton State University Ms Marsh stated that the graduates from the prior class had a 100% hiring rate because of contracts/relationships the university had with hospitals such as Piemont, Wellstar, and several other companies which really made me more interested in the program however after completing the program passing the test, and clinical and the university submitting credential to the nursing board and finally being issued a registered nurse license why was I having a problem being hired or even considered for entry level nursing positions such as in Med surg nursing and especially in areas such as home health and hospice which is fairly easy . I attended a job fair at Grady Health system for Medical Surgical Nursing on March 17, 2017. Ms Lamarsh emailed me and after every concerned stated that they were holding a Job Smart Workshop on April 27. and the cost was $79 .$20 to RSVP. I kindly responded to the email and let her know that I wasnt going to pay for anything else with the university and made her aware of what i felt were logical and reasonable hiring practices and after the experience that I encountered strongly felt like retiriing from the field of nursing



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