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Kayla –

Victim Location 11209

Total money lost $573

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had a pop up appeared on my computer that reads and included an audio message that viruses are attacking the computer. The pop-up displays a helpline number to call to correct the issue. It said Your hard drive will be deleted if you close this page. You have a Zeus virus. Please call support NOW! Call toll free 0800-014-8826. Do not ingnore this critical alert. So I did and they told me they had to take control of my computer to get rid of the Zeus virus. So I let them then they told me if I didn’t pay 573.00 for a lifetime support from Microsoft it would cost me 5000.00 for support from Microsoft. They told me I had over 3900 different viruses attacking my computer. So they told me I had to give them my checking acct. number and routing number because they couldn’t take a cedit card because of the Zeus virus in my computer. So I did. Then I put a stop payment on the check and they submitted the check with a different check number and they used a draft check of there own. He told me his Name was Jim Orbitt and I also talked to another guy he said his name was Nick Carter. Jim Orbit said his ID # was MIC0001089 the Microsoft number to call them every 6weeks to make sure my computer was still protected is 844-666-3517. They gave me a customer ID. OS12938



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