Anthony Patton- CATFISH

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Cindy –

Victim Location 90034

Total money lost $13,000

Type of a scam Romance

I met Anthony Patton through in February, at that time he lived in California he said. And we exchanged mails for a couple of times. Then, we started chatting on LINE every day. In the middle of March he said he would go to Dubai for bidding the big contract. Then he flew to Dubai. After he got there he started telling me money problems he had. He has trust account but he could not get cash in Dubai because of the difference of banking system there. He was troubled to get his money. He is a CEO of the company and he showed me his bank card. He asked his family to help him at that time. And he won the bidding and he got the contract with Damat Real Estate Company in Dubai. He was very pleased but he had some trouble to get his materials. If he could not get materials he lost his contract he said, and he asked me to help me *** USD. At that time I was in love with him and he said he won this contract for us, for our happiness in the near future. Then, I sent *** USD to him. Then, he gave me a loan agreement of this *** USD. The due date was May 2nd. He paid back 2000 USD one week later than the due date. Next he said he had some trouble to clear the custom in Turkey. He needed *** USD. Of course I cannot help me such a lot of money. He returned *** USD once, so I thought he was not scammer. He was in trouble I thought I should help him. So I sent him *** USD again. But that was his tactics. I felt something not right, so I googled his picture and found out his pictures are the man called Alexander Kraft, CEO, and so rich man. It is stupid, but I asked him why he used different person’s picture, who is he really. And he said he is him, but he wanted to change his name, his life and erase his past. I was not convinced enough, but when I talk to him on the phone, I felt he did not tell me lies. Very convincing. Then I kept believing, Silly I am. I lost *** USD for him. And I checked Alexander Kraft’s instagram again, and he says he is in Berlin, when the scammer says he is in the hospital. I realized that he is really scammer and tries to steal more money from me.

So finally I decided to block him on LINE. It is too late to decide but I was involved so much and his words were so romantic and they were too good to be true. He showed me his two bank accounts to convince me, but probably all of them were fake. Probably he is doing Romance scam with team. I hope not so many ladies to be scammed by such wicked men.



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