Anne Williams

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Misty –

Victim Location 83660

Type of a scam Government Grant

On Friday, August 10, 2018, I received a friend request on my messinger page from someone I knew. I accepted the request and we began a conversation. She told me that she had been awarded $30,000 from the US Department of Health and Human Services. I told her that it sounded like a scam. She then told me that she had received her money in cash that day. She gave me the name to contact to see if I could qualify for a grant. I asked her how she found out about this opportunity. She said that since she moved to a new place she was struggling and contacted the US Department of Health and Human Services to see if she could get some assistance. So, I contacted the person that she said she dealt with. This person introduced herself to me as Agent Anne Williams, from the US Department of Health and Human Services; she sent me a picture of her and her staff in an office. She asked me some basic questions, I only gave her information that she could get just about anywhere on the www. She said she would get back to me. In a few minutes she sent me a message that my name was still on the list of people eligable to receive money and that I could get $40,000. She then asked me if I want my money by check or cash. I first said check, then changed to cash. She asked me if there was a store like Wallgreens, etc. where I live. I asked her why I needed a store like that where I live. She said you have to pay for the certificate and shipping. I asked how much? She said $500. I told her I didn’t have that kind of money and what was the money for? She then said for taxes and the certificate and if I didn’t want to pay taxes then it would be less. So, I played along and said that there wasn’t a store like that where I live. She asked where the nearest city was with a store like Wallgreens, I said Ontario Oregon. She said you need to go there by noon. I told her it was already past noon and that I couldn’t go there right then because I was at work. So then she said what kind of store do you have where you live, I told her we have a grocery store. She said go there now because we were running out of time. I said I couldn’t go until I got off of work. I then stopped communicating with her (I didn’t close the conversation). On Sunday I got the telephone number of my friend from another friend and I called my friend and explained what was going on, she said she had been hacked and had to delete all of her social media accounts, and because she had moved she hadn’t had time to get new accounts. So, then I sent a message to the person protraing my friend and asked two questions: 1. Where do I live? this person told me what city and state I live in. 2. Where did we meet? this person replied Well…and immediately the entire conversation from the beginning to the last response disappeared. This "agent" sent me several more messages and I have been ignoring them. I have the picture that she sent me.



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