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Javier –

Victim Location 92107

Type of a scam Rental

I saw a post on Craigslist for a rental house; the rent seemed a little low for our area. I responded and got a reply telling me the person was looking for a long term renter and she was working out of the area for 7-8 years; I would often get replies from her at 2-3am. I asked to see the property and was sent a rental application and asked to fill it out. I filled it out thinking I had to do so to see the property. When I fill it out and sent it back, I asked again to see the property, I was told "Anna" didn’t have a local representative to show me the property. I thought this odd because she initially stated she was a professional property manager. "Anna" told me I had been approved and once I sent a cash deposit to her bank, she would secure the property and mail me the keys. When she sent me back a signed lease agreement, I thought it odd the stamp on it didn’t look like any notary stamp I had seen before. I looked it up and it was from Croatia. BIG red flag!!! I took it upon myself to drive back by the property where I saw some neighbors outside. I asked them if they knew the people in the house, they said it was a rental property owned by the same people for a long time and that new tenants had moved in not that long ago. I then knocked on the door of the rental property and told the man the property was part of a scam. I told him the story and he agreed, they had no intention of moving out any time soon and he would inform his landlord.



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