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Geoffrey –

Victim Location 94901

Type of a scam Phishing

This is the text of email I received: "Hello. Do not pay attention on my English, I am from India.I installed the malware onto your OS.Now I thiefted all personal info from your device. Furthermore I had slightly more then just data.The most important compromising that I received- its a record with your masturbation.I installed virus on a porn page and after you downloaded it. The moment you decided with the video and pressed play button, my software instantly adjusted on your Operating System.

After loading, your web camera made the video with you masturbating, in addition software captured exactly the video you masturbated on. In next week my malicious software grabbed all your social and work contacts.

If you desire to erase the records- pay me 910 usd in BTC(cryptocurrency).

Its my Bitcoin number – 18aVwkFAadCvwGBHN8vagouWBWrNEpZAaV

You have 22 hours to go from this moment. As soon as I see transaction I will eliminate the evidence permanently. Differently I will forward the tape to all your contacts."



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