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Erik –

Victim Location 79605

Type of a scam Employment

I first got an email from him via [email protected] sayin that my application has been accepted. He then continued with the email that I’ve been accepted as a work from home personal assistant and the work that I would be doing were his errands, booking flights, shopping, managing his financial activities, make drop offs, be an alternative correspondence to phone calls on behalf of him, etc. and that I would be receiving $630/weekly with benefits. He mentioned that he was 65 years old and is an independent real estate attorney and local and international successful investor that’s why he was always traveling and has a tight schedule, the reason why he needed a personal assistant. He said that he was still Toronto for a business trip and will be meeting me after 3 weeks for a formal interview and necessary paperwork. After that he asked for my full name, address, email, phone number and current occupation. I was skeptical at first and I kept googling and researching about him. My deciding point was when I saw that the email was via crelate, so I searched about crelate and saw that it was a recruiting website for employers and agencies and that they saw your resume or information on different job boards such as Indeed, careerbuilder, Monster, glassdoor, ziprecruiter, resume and dice. The website or software really looked legitimate so I decided to give him the information he asked for. After that, we exchange a few emails, mostly him telling me about the task for the week ahead. He told me that the first task was that I was going to buy toys for the kids in an orphanage/charity that he always donated to every month. I was informed that I was going to receive payment in a form of a certified US payment for my weekly payment and also for the expenses for the errand that he wanted me to do. After that, I thought that it was all true since his intentions were good since that was the first task on hand. 4 days have passed he didn’t email me about anything the last thing he told me was that I should await for further instructions and for the check to arrive, when it does, he would email me the things I needed to do. I was beginning to feel skeptical again with him. Then this morning, after 5 days, he sent me an email saying that the first weekly payment was going to be delivered today and sent me a tracking number for the USPS package in which I checked and saw that the check was from Montgomery, Alabama and was on its way to me. He then told me that he talked with the administrator of the orphanage and said that the things that were needed to be bought and mailed to the orphanage was to expensive to be mailed out so he and the administrator reached an accord that I will just deposit the funds and they (orphanage) would be buying everything themselves. He told me that when the check arrives, I should deduct $630 from it in which is my weekly payment and the rest will be deposited to the orphanage. Though he didn’t send me the details of the orphanage or to where I will deposit the money, he said that he has asked for it and will be emailing the details to me soon. From then, I was very suspicious and it really became clear to me that it was a scam. I’m just scared and worried that I have given him my address and now me and my family doesn’t feel safe. Also most importantly, I don’t wanna be associated with anything that he is planning or has done. I just received the check he has sent amounting to almost $5000 and of course I wont do anything with it. I hope he gets caught and I hope no one else will be victimized.



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