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Marisa –

Victim Location 92301

Total money lost $166

Type of a scam Employment

This company has a website that says "paid training" and they never pay you. This company’s training is marketing, management, and office manager. The first day of orientation they say you will have the learn the business from ground up. The next day you go out with a "trainer" that’s suppose to show you what the marketing department does and they have you sign a commission paper which is suppose to be for the time you’re with your trainer and if you like what marketing does, you can try it and the so called purpose of the commission paper is that while you’re with the trainer, if you sell an item you will be entitled to a commission from that sell.

Well, no of that is true. Even though the website says paid training in all positions and the CEO, Chris Holland, verbally says, "You will receive ten dollars while in training" is not true. So when you ask for your check, they say oh, no, you were a commissioned employee, that’s the catch. The paper that you sign, which is suppose to only be in effect while you are in training with the marketing department is the one paper they use to try to confirm that you were an commissioned employee.They do not have any paid anything. They do not state in their advertisement of website that this is a commission only job. So, do not go there. I worked for them two days, while I was in so called "training" and was told I will not receive a check. Whatever earnings I receive will be for the two days I was there with a trainer if I sold any products and the whole advertising and website is a Scam. They do not pay an hourly wage, training, or anything else. They also state they have an office in Victorville, if so I have not found it. More than 50% of their website and advertising is a fabrication. None of it is true. They use you for a couple of days, thinking they’ve gotten free labor, and then refuse to pay the ten dollars an hour as promised and also they stated they never pay for training. This site should be removed.



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