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Kristina –

Victim Location 32566

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via text today, 11 January 2016. The job was for an administrative position with AMITA Health. The interviewer James Milton claimed that I needed to use instant messenger to communicate because this is the only way his firm communicates. He said they found me on However, I don’t remember uploading a resume. We did the interview, none of the red flags came up during that time. Then…He asked how did I prefer payment and what bank did I use and if my account was active. I did NOT give him any banking info. We talked more and he asked me what my bank was again. I told him I wasn’t comfortable sharing that information considering this is just an interview and I haven’t accepted the job yet. He asked me things that were already on my resume like my education history and work history. At the time I just assumed it was just for confirmation. The interview ended with him asking me to hold so that the results of our interview could be forwarded to the company’s head. I was on hold for a long time. Then I just logged out of yahoo messenger. I believe it was a scam.



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