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Emily – Feb 29, 2020

Victim Location 35055

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Received a call from American Sweepstakes Company head office. He left a voicemail. These scammers have you phone number, name, and your HOME address! So it is very believable. Said his name was (it will not let me report name) and he was a "claims agent" and to call him back in Jersey City, NJ at (number it will not let me report) and gave me a "CERTIFIED claim prize number" that was "OFFICIAL" to "win $30 MILLION dollars." He was very convincing and I could see how elderly people could really be deceived! This was a monthly drawing and "was approved by the Federal Trades Commission Bureau of Competitions and the United States Government." We had received the First Grand Prize level. He would be coming to my house next week in person to deliver the prize, he told me a specific day, date and time. I needed to be home and have a photo ID. He would also bring a photo ID. Before he comes we had taxed on the money we won. Which HIS company paid because it is a private award and we did not have to pay any taxes. He goes through a very lengthy explanation about the money being submitted and needing a stamp of approval, and taxes and charges. Makes is all VERY CLEAR and very Simple. But there is paperwork and processing of documents and he needs me to pay that today before they can come next week to deliver my $30 MILLION. So I needed to go to the post office and write a personal check from my bank account for $2,000 to pay for the paperwork and mail it to (name it will not let me report) at the address: (it will not let me report) today and he and his associate (name it will not let me report) would both be coming to my house (with ID) next week to bring my prize money. He kept saying we have a very small window of time and we need to do this today. After I get the money in the mail I am to call him back at the same number. When you call the number back you leave messages. They do not answer. Then they call you back. The number you call shows up on your call ID it does make it appear to be authentic. DO NOT SEND OR GIVE MONEY TO ANYONE TO WIN MONEY. IT IS A SCAM!



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