American Operator Services, Inc.

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Mathew –

Victim Location 85338

Type of a scam Employment

They made me purchase equipment to work for their job. They had me fill out many different forms and sign my name all documents and also send in my Identification as well. They told me that they were giving me a job. Once they obtained all of my information they then told me to call to finish the next step (which I thought would be me working right away). To my dismay they told me that they hired someone else for the position, even though had been in contact with with almost every single day, whether it be by phone or email. They were then very rude with me and disrespectful on the phone. I’m unsure of what they are doing with my identification now and I am very concerned. Once they got all of my information it was like they weren’t interested anymore. I just want to make sure that I am safe and others are safe and they aren’t scammed by this company or their information isn’t used by this company just as mine might be, but I’m not sure.



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