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Tamara –

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by someone at American Income Life or AIL Financial as the girl on the phone referred to it saying they saw my resume on Indeed and wanted to do some screening questions. I never ever applied for employment with this organization and played along with some general questions which were about working as a Supervisor which I have absolutely zero experience in. Clearly I was not qualified to work in insurance but the girl on the phone said I was a "good fit" and should come in for an interview tomorrow at 8pm at night. I was already extremely suspicious as I never actually applied to the company but an 8pm job interview sounds extremely shady to me and I said no I was no long interested. The girl then became aggressive with me and said I wasn’t "keeping my options open" so I promptly hung up on her. This is not a good way to recruit potential employees to a company and from what I read online about AIL they expect employees to pay education and administrative fees over over 300 dollars each just to work there.



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