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Brooke –

Victim Location 35652

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

He sent me a text message, then called me I listened to the message and called him back. He convinced me that I had started the loan on line and was I interested in continuing it I was all ready aproved for the 10,000 and yes I’m in debt with credit cards. So I took it.I spent all day talking back and forth with the him on the phones about 5:30 this evening 8/24/2018 he said that because I’m in overdraft right now what his boss was going to do for me was allow him to on faith send me first off $800.00 but I had to show the faith back and in the morning go to Walmart and get a money gram and send it back.!!… I SAID WHAT I THINK THERES SOMTHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE… he then tried to convince me that the money would be but back in my account ( The loan for the $10,000.00) in 15 min and then the phone went dead, lost call.???? So I thought about it for a min and got on this site to check… and now here I am making a report can anyone tell me what I need to do about them having all my information I have had my bank close my account so people beware!!!! I feel so stupid



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