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Nina –

Victim Location 07104

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Employment

I was on indeed about two weeks ago from today and saw this job for Armed Guard in Newark, NJ. I get this call from a number I do not recognize, I picked up the call and it was a woman, which I believed was a receptionist for that armed guard job in Newark, NJ. I don’t recall her name, but she told me to come in for an interview to work as an armed guard and to bring my resume to 24 Commerce st. Suite 101 in Newark, NJ where they are located at. I went to that address on 09/10/2019 which was American Firearm Academy and saw a gentlemen named Jeremy Fernandez/owner. As I sat in his little cubicle/office he discussed a couple of details to becoming an armed guard and to take his armed guard program which was $1499.00 to pay, and the S.o.r.a training course which was $499.00 he included would be free. As some sort of a deal he claimed that he was giving me. As I proceeded I gave his office manager Serena the money in cash $1500 and classes would start Oct. 4th. 3pm – 7pm, Oct. 5th. 8am – 6pm, Oct. 6th. 8am – 6pm. I decided about a day later, I did not want to proceed with it anymore. I told Jeremy that I would like a full refund of my $1500 that I had given his office manager Serena. He told me on 09/12/2019 which was a Thursday through text, that I would be partially refunded $1000 dollars due to the fact that I "lied" on the application. The S.o.r.a registration and fingerprint fees will not be refunded from the state police or morphotrust. Which I believe he is being untruthful and I didn’t lie as he claimed to say I did. Also S.o.r.a registration & fingerprint fees are nowhere near $500 dollars, even if they were both combined. I went there again to collect my $1500 dollars and he proceeded to say the same thing and to give me only a $1000 through check. I lost my $500 dollars, and I never started any S.o.r.a classes, fingerprints, or anything for that matter. I wished to be refunded a few days after I went there for the first time on 09/10/2019. I believe I got swindled by wrongful people.

Jessica –

Victim Location 07002

Total money lost $1,750

Type of a scam Employment

I answer a ad for security work next thing i know im being talked into paying for armed guard training so i pay 350 deposit then i winded up paying 1750 for training which i have no job called several times no answer and this guy Jeremy has a felony how does he has any right to help retired veterans with gun permits felony people arent even supposed to be around guns last I heard.

Kurt –

Victim Location 07102

Total money lost $649

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by a woman a couple months ago claiming to be from a big company gateway center in Newark Nj. She discussed my resume with me and told me I was qualified for a security position starting at $15 an hour.(whether I had my sora or not) that it would be a 3 day training. I would need only $150.00 to start the process. The woman gave me a time to go in the next day to meet with her manager. I went the next day into the interview and I gave the $150.00 to the manager and he told me that I had a balance of $499 to officially start. That the cost was high because I would be offered "lifetime placement" that when finished with the process they would take care of everything. Instead of marketing myself that they would. Just endless of promises that aren’t true. According to the POLICE DETECTIVE UNIT there is NO such thing as "lifetime placement" because it is illegal. I finished with the sora classes, finger prints, and all. I go to the place that all of a sudden moved and "there is no such thing as LIFETIME PLACEMENT" I am not employed anywhere, I am searching for employment on my own and I have been scammed out of $649.00. These group of people are using the company name "American firearms" I got in touch with my sora instructor and he told me the whole thing is a scam to its entirety, and that these group of individuals can lose their business license.They are using a companies name, they move around a lot, overcharge people, they false advertise and use fake promises to get money, and they prey on those people looking for employment. Please help me and others that have been scammed by these group of people, so these people are punished to the highest extent and put out of business.

Allison –

Victim Location 07103

Total money lost $140

Type of a scam Employment

I applied to a security job on and couple of days later a secretary Ms Irena called me and said I could come in for an interview the next day and that aside from having my SORA license I would have to pay for an additional certification I had to put down a 150$ deposit the day of the interview and the job would still require I pay for a 299$ Certification class. I unfortunately did not know that it was unnecessary to have to pay a job so I put a 140$ deposit down to a Mr Emmanuel. I called the NJ Guard Training and they said the company was not coming up on any of their databases. I went back the same day to get a refund and I could not be seen, I called 2 different phone numbers which had not picked up or returned my phone calls. The application I filled out stated no where that the deposit was non refundable. It stated that I had up until the date of the so called certification class to pay the balance. My class was to be on a Friday 2 weeks from the interview date. When I did get a call back Mr Emmanuel stated "You have to get down to the office ASAP to finish paying off your balance because we’re filling out the class roster now." I asked about a refund and he said that he would have to speak to the owners but that wasn’t at the top of his priorities list. So I asked for the owners phone number so that I may speak to them myself and he told me "Ms (my last name) now you’re doing too much" and hung up on me. Unfortunately I am out of 140$ but I refuse to let this happen to someone else and then be out of 450-500$.

Natalie –

Victim Location 07087

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Employment

found ad on craigslist that says front desk agent, then list pretty basic duties that sound like receptionist job. No specific address given just says Newark, NJ. submit resume then get a call from a woman to schedule for an interview. She asks if i have my SORA license I say no. then she says that i will need it for the job which is about $15/hr but that i can come in with $100 money order because they conveniently offer training, note that in the job offer this is never mentioned at all. Go to interview asks a few questions here and there. The "office" is located within an office rental place smallish and plain easy to take down or set up. The man "Mr. Jeff" then says i need another $499 for the courses. that the $100 is a deposit which i gave and my receipt says its for OSHA which is never mentioned to me. He talks as if its guaranteed work but paper he gave me says they are an educational referral program, that offers job placement assistance not actual jobs. have since read tons of scams that happened the same way. never went back to give the rest of the money. too shady. plus number "mr. jeff" gave me seems to be linked to a restaurant



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