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Stefanie – Jul 15, 2020

om 7-15-2020 same Fred Garman called from American Sweepstakes claiming elderly sick client needs to pay him $3,000 so he can get the $3 million in sweepstakes funds. He already scammed $1500 from her via a messenger he sent to her house and wanted the other $1500 later. He called from 954 284 3991 but was not reachable when I tried to call him back.

Meghan –

Victim Location 49546

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Person claiming to be Fred Garman (ph) said $3 million deposited in Federal Reserve Bank, but needed her to pay taxes of over $1,000 before getting money. They wanted my bank account number so they could deposit the money minus the taxes; I refused. They said they could send someone out to the house with a check as well, but I would need to give them a cashier’s check for the taxes first; I refused. Did not give any info and they said I wasn’t being very cooperative so going to cancel it. Then got another call asking to reconsider. Said going to call the BBB, and they said would not call back and don’t have time for this.



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