American Cash Awards Sweepstake

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Justin –

Victim Location 44889

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Phone call, no caller ID #, source Jamacia, California.

Claim won 5.5 million $ & Mercedes Benz, from associate of publisher’s clearing house sweepstakes. Will deliver car today. Company Located In Jamacia California, will fly out with a delivery team when receive confirmation register the car (550$). Asked who will be the back up person for money? Where will the money go? Have any mortgage or bills about bank account? Ask about financial situation, replied have an accountant that does taxes. Asked to talk with husband.

Told to go to Walmart right now and register the car (550$). Replied not going to Walmart as don’t have any evidence of car or it’s delivery. Reply, will send information to email address. Provided email address. Told to call John Douglas, 1-876-429-6469 after completing task at Walmart. Chatted for 30 minutes including telling caller we would check out company and have sheriff present when car delivered (bluff).

John called back in 10 minutes, gave company name as American Cash Awards Sweepstakes asked if ready to receive award. Checked email, no information provided yet. Husband in house will talk with him.

Did enter Publisher clearing house sweepstakes, have reminder card that states prize award August 31. Reviewed American Cash Awards Sweepstakes online. Negative reports, undelivered prizes. Apparently harassing calls. concerned email address provided to caller will result in hacking/ identity theft. Calls cam in apx, 11:30 & 12:15, 8/21/17



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