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Victim Location 91362

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Alya Skin Scam: Advertises Using Stolen Content, False Claims, and Fake Customer Reviews Alya Skin, a new Australian skincare company, stole videos and images from YouTubers and bloggers to promote their Australian Pink Clay Mask in Facebook and Instagram advertisements, as well as on their website. In one of their Facebook and Instagram advertisements, they stole my YouTube review, edited out my watermark, and made false claims about acne spots while showing my face multiple times throughout the video. The clip that they used to show how their product helps treat acne spots is from when I was showing my acne and acne scars before ever using their product. I’ve had acne and acne scars for years. Their product has had absolutely nothing to do with it, nor has it helped in anyway. On their website, they’ve used stolen images from bloggers who have never even used their product and given them fake names and fake honest customer reviews. When confronted about copyright infringement and removing my video from their advertisement, I was bounced around through multiple people within their company until I received a response from the founder, who said, "We only select the best clips, collate them, and then use them to reach out to potential customers – honestly it is a compliment at most." They failed to understand or accept that what they have done is wrong and illegal.



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