Almighty American Sweepstakes

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Christie –

Victim Location 43107

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The first call came in last week, he said I won $525,000 from the Almighty American Sweepstakes. He said I could get away with paying $7,500, then he said $5000. He said "Sir, if you can come up with $1200 than they would hand deliver to me a certified check for $525,000. I asked them them how long I had to come up with the money. He said Thursday. He said once they receive the money order for the $1,200 they would process the check, and the $1200 would be refunded. I asked who I should make the money order out to and he said, "Make the money order out to Liberty Trade and Investment for $1200 to cover the 1% security deposit". This is the routing number for Bank of America Gr352-gov. The names are Officer Marvin Price, his number 202-866-7822, and Jared Hughes 202-866-7151. They said they are from Washington DC. Gary Brown from Consumer Protection Bureau 347-960-4515 called last week and said I won money, to stay on the line and talk to Bank of America’s representative. A woman came on and said I won $750,000. I got a number GHS2622US 37S. Another phone number is 866-679-0156.



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