Check reviews to see if it is legit.

Caleb –

Victim Location 90063

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Rental

This company advertises listings on craigslist that they do not actually have access to. When you reply to their ad they will direct you to their website ( From there you will be asked to pay $** for a membership that allows you to view properties that are for rent. After paying the membership fee, I found the property I was interested in on the pngage and asked the If I could schedule a time to see it. I became suspicious and decided to ask the representative if they had a real estate license or any credentials to prove that they had legal right to show the property. Real estate agents are legally obligated to show their license if asked. When I began asking questions they accused me of being rude and threatened to cancel the membership. I searched outside of their website and found the same listing on another legitimate website. When I contacted the real estate agent that had the legal right to show the listing they offered to show me the property and said that they were not aware of the company ( They have me legitimate proof of their license and information about the owner of the property. In order to be sure I searched other properties listed on the website. They were also listed on other legitimate websites and had other real estate agents who actually had leal access to the property.

The companies objective is to make profit off of the $** membership fee to view properties that they dont have access to. They have their clients sign a waiver so that they cant dispute this payment. Once the payment is made they use tactics to avoid making an actual appointment to see the property (because they don’t actually have access to the properties listed on their page). Furthermore, they instigate conflict with the unsuspecting clients so that they can accuse them of violating their membership policy and then cancel their membership. If you pay the fee you are really only paying to play a back and fourth game with "Bradley" until he decides to block you without providing the services they claim to offer.

Tracy –

Victim Location 91765

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Rental

They charged me and my boyfriend ***¬†each to have access to their website to see rental properties. They made us go thru he’ll just to get a rental application and an appointment to see 2 of the properties we were interested in.

The 1st property wasn’t anything described on their site. The 2nd property they never set us up as requested and now our 30 day membership expired. We’d have to pay more to continue. They claimed they always have new properties but they’ve been the same in these past 30 days.



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