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Adam – Apr 07, 2020

Victim Location 65802

Total money lost $179

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Aaron called me pretending to be the Department of Education approving me for debt forgiveness on my student loans. He told me I’d have 5 monthly payments of $175 then $12 for 20 months. He logged on to my mohela account and accessed all my information (illegal, cops and mohela have been notified as well as tracking his information via phone calls and email addresses he used) he somehow sent me emails from the ACTUAL DEPARTMENT OF ED. making me believe him. then had me make a payment of $179. I stupidly fell for it all but immediately discovered he was a POS scammer and cancelled my cards, changed bank accounts and filed a dispute and called him back to cancel my "plan" I asked he send me a verification of canceling my plan in email and he did. He did say in the email that he would be refunding me the $179 (I never asked for that bc I knew that wouldn’t happen) turns out from other google reviews he was hoping I wouldn’t close out my bank card. Thankfully it had already been done.



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