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Caroline –

Victim Location 44311

Total money lost $1,800

Type of a scam Tech Support

It started out with me trying to get a 3000.00 dollar loan i got scammed by them putting 900.00 on my American express card , then i go get a wal mart two of them and put 450.00 on each one of them to show I had a working credit card in case they could not get the payment from my bank then it would come off of the card , well this happened three times .

I get a call from a place that had called me a while back tey had me to pay 250.00 dollars to take care of my computer for a year, well i get a call from the people saying that i was getting a refund back of the 250.00 because the company was having to shut down , and I was told that the BBB was supposed to send the money back to me and a few other people, now I am telling allen what happened with me and that loan place he says that is what they do they work with the FBI to catch theses people so i gave the info to him and the number i had , he comes back the next day and says , well thanks to you and another lady we caught the people and a lot more of them we have a check of 24,000.00 to me and so much to another person, now they are asking for 1800.00 to pay the taxes on the check then they will send it to me , I did that, the next day I am getting my bosses wife was in a car wreck he wants his commission before he sends the of 2500.00 or he will not let the check go, he is supposed to have been the lawyer that went in to court for us so we owe him , now I am out my money That i really need , I just want my money back. I do not have an image.

Joanna –

Victim Location 27302

Total money lost $490

Type of a scam Government Grant

This Is Not Right .She Take .People And She Said She Can Get You A GRANT. She Not Honesty. She Just Keep .Ask For More Money. I Told Her That I Just Want My Money Back I Didn’t Want . The Grant. She Told Me .Got To Pay The Money To Get My Own Money Back. Ms Allen Carter.



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