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Luis – May 15, 2020

Victim Location 30906

Total money lost $5,170

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

It started as an email…


I’m a private lender, lending my own cash. I lend money to borrowers/investors in the USA and a few other countries overseas. We also work with both broker/agent and we do pay a referral commission for each client you refer to my company.

I offer all types of legitimate funding for real estate loans, business loans, personal loans, debt consolidation loans etc. at an affordable interest rate of 5% within three working days. Get back to me for more info.


Richard Allen


I reply: "What are your Requirements?"

His reply… Attached below is the loan terms and conditions together with the loan application form.

Review the terms and get back to me with the filled loan application form to proceed. (I have all documents)

Then: Below is a sample of the loan repayment schedule for the loan amount of $95,000 for 25 years term.

Review the numbers and let me know if you are comfortable with the term.

NOTE: There is no Pre-payment penalty and there is a 6 months grace period before repayment.


Loan Balance: $95,000.00

Loan Interest Rate: 5.00%

Loan Fees: $1,350.00

Loan Term: 25 years

Monthly Loan Payment: $555.36

Number of Payments: 300

Cumulative Payments: $166,608.32

Total Interest Paid: $71,608.32

Note: The monthly loan payment was calculated at 299 payments of $555.36 plus a final payment of $555.68.


On confirmation of the payment of the loan fee, I will send you the loan approval letter and contract and I can get you funded within 2 business days.

If payment is made today, you will be funded by Wednesday.

Loan delivery and payment of loan fee is via bank to bank transfer.

Below is the wire instructions for you to make the payment.

Bank Of America

Acct Name: ELIRIDE financial services llc.

Acct No: 446045619874

Routing: 052001633.

Bank address: 8235 liberty road,

Baltimore MD 21244

Holders address: 23 cinnamon cir Randallstown Md 211133.

Get back to me with the payment confirmation slip once you are done for documentation purpose.



How soon can you make the payment of the loan insurance policy fee ($3,820) to enable us complete the process and close your deal.

The transfer of your loan fund to your designated bank account is still pending. I was made to understand that there is a little problem which my client really need to cover up before they can proceed with the release of the loan funds.

The insurance company is requesting for a none collateral certificate to enable them complete you wire transfer today.

I contacted the insurance company and they said it will cost you $4,250 but i have pleaded with them and they have agreed to accept half payment, you will have to pay the balance once you receive the loan into your bank account.

Right now you are required to come up with $2,125 to enable us get this deal done today.




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