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Jacob –

Type of a scam Employment

I am looking for work and posted my resume on Workopolis and applied for several positions as an Administrative Assistant. Twice already scammers tried to abuse this situation.

One was from Nova Scotia called

This happened in December

The other just yesterday

Interestingly the latter company really exists, when you google search the website they post in the letter/ job description. I called their offices in San Francisco, but the person who answered did not know anyone by the name that signed the job offer.

It was the usual scam here it what they want….. work scheme description : work part time from home, make 1000 dollars a week, be in charge of cashing in ‘funds owed to the company’ and send it to ‘headquarters’. Thankfully I know what is going on and would never fall for something like this. But I worry about other persons desperate for a job in the current unemployment situation.



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