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Summer –

Victim Location 16801

Type of a scam Phishing

Had this email sent to my gmail account:

Hey [My Full Name],

I’m not here to judge anyone, nor i think that *** to *** sites is a disgusting thing to do. Well, it is actually will be pretty wierd if your one of your family members, friends or whoever on your contact list will watch you do that.

Lets get down to business. You have stoped by a *** website poisoned with my ransomware recently. So i have collected all contacts from a gear you have used as well as got an access to your web cam plus vids you have watched. It was all recorded and edited to a single screen with you *** on one side of the screen and a video you have watched on the second part of the screen. Anyways, if you want me to completely get rid of this footage. here is my bitcoin account address:


(its should be without ‘spaces’ or ‘=’, make sure you get it correct). 400 usd amount will resolve this issue.

I will give you three days after this letter is read, a simple tracking tool within this note will let me know when you’ll open it. I will not have any other choice but to send this vid to all your contacts, if i won’t receive money. You are very welcome to contact police or whoever you want, but don’t think that will help though.




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