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Virginia –

Victim Location 97281

Type of a scam Tech Support

My phone and computer went out, so my employee did a quick search on the internet to find a number to call our service provider (*** ***) for help. She quickly pulled up a site, thinking it was *** ***, and called the number. They said the problem was with a Trojan virus on the computer and they needed access to the computer. They said that could disrupt phone service as well. They said I did not have virus protection on the computer, but I did have *** installed. They said I needed Network Security, and to secure the computer it would cost $1,247. My employee, trusting them, gave them access to the computer.

When I got here, I talked to the company. They were insistent that they do the downloads. They also wanted to make sure that I updated my Windows XP to Windows 7. I said I did not want to pay for a service that I, the owner, did not authorize. I had a computer tech with me and we both felt like they were not being up front.

Then I called our service provider, *** ***, and they had no record of us calling and they do not refer out to third parties. So we shut off the internet to stop whatever this company was doing. My tech went in and cleaned out any viruses or malware and turned off any access they might still have. They were very persistent in contacting me when I pulled the internet connection.

I feel like this was a scam to steal my money. Luckily no credit card info was given.



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