Alcoa Company

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Allen –

Victim Location 32246

Type of a scam Employment

The person initially contacted me via text and then had me to add them

through Google hangout Instant Messenger. They said they were Leigh Ann

Fisher, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer overseeing

Human Resources for the Alcoa Company and wanted to do a brief online

interview ASAP to discuss openings. They provided me with a verification code

QRI-62-80 for the Interview. They asked a few simple questions and provided

a link for me to visit this website: https:/ttps:// which

rerouted me to this website:

Then They asked for me to stand by for 10 minutes while the Human

Resource Department scored my answers. 14 Minutes later, they came back

and said I scored 80% and I was confirmed qualified as the new Administrative

Officer and that I was hired. I was told that the pay was $30 per hour and $15

for the two weeks of training. They promised a long list of equipment that I

would get at the company’s expense so I could work from home: Brand new

Apple Laptop ,Microsoft Life chat Heads et, Model: LX3000 All in one

printer,scanner and fax machine, Mini office stationary Laminating machine

w/5 Cartridges Fell-owes Microshred, Confetti-cut paper

shredder,4G WIRELESS CONNECTION & ROUTER Work Cross checker

software for accuracy, Speed of data processing,Time Monitoring and

Effectiveness, (4 in one Zebra ZM400vvBarcode Printer, Cards,Net suit and

brief case. They said my hours would be from from 8am – 1pm Monday

through Friday. They said the Accounting officer would issue me a startup

check to purchase all of my materials. They then asked for my address, cell

and email address and what bank I belonged to. So at the end of all this, they

asked if I had an Automated Time Tracker that would enable them to know

how many hours I worked during each day. I answered that I did not have one

and asked if the company would supply one. They answered back, "No, you

will have to purchase that yourself while the company reimbursed you along

with your pay. It cost $100 ?" I was then asked was I familiar with Apple

products because they wanted me to locate the nearest store and purchase

an iTunes gift card for $100. They said they needed it today and to "Have it

screenshot indicting the steel showing the digit number." When I told them

that I didn’t have it because I was looking for work. They then asked for $50. I

told them my wife would get paid next week. So at that time they said that

would be all for today and to report to Hangout IM at 9am tomorrow.



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