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Andrew –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

A woman called and said her name was Jen Collins from the Alberta She asked if we were planning on moving. I thought that was an odd question and asked her why she would ask. She proceeding to be very rude and hostile and then hung up. 

Carl –

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

I get a call at least twice a week from the number 888.001.0816 from a person named Amanda (or someone else, recently it has been Amanda.

They say that they are from the Alberta asking if I have found a space to move into yet.

The first time we got the call we actually recently re-leased our building so i said no. But the calls kept happening and I kept telling them to stop. Just today I said to take us off the list from them calling and she rudely said "fine I will" and hung up.

Not sure what they want, but if I did say yes i’m sure they would try and get some other information. I’m sure it’s not the real because you guys wouldn’t be so rude and forward with customers. Nor would you be calling all the time like that asking if we found a new building.



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