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Russell –

Victim Location 77377

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for the position on October 3, 2017 thru the website The following day I reported back with five questions they asked me to answer due to they had a lot of inquiries for the position. October 10, 2017 ***¬†who has been emailing me back and forth from the beginning said he would be in contact with me once they make their final decision. By October 16, 2017 *** sent me an offer letter, letting me know that I will be started on November 13. 2017 and will be meeting their property manager in Houston since they are a company in Albert they were opening up a location in Houston, Texas. I accepted the letter and was waiting to hear back from *** or anybody else from the business. I emailed him again asking if I could have more information on the business down here, seeing if I lived close and those kind of questions. I did not receive any news via email or phone call so I decided to call the guy personally. Once I was on the phone with him, he couldn’t answer my questions and he just said to wait to hear from the property manager. My offer letter states that I would receive a laptop the week before I started and would have a report due October 31st starting I have their hotel reservations and flight reservations all ready for the following week. Once I haven’t received my laptop or my check that is when I emailed the same email I have been using since the beginning of October. They email came back to me saying "Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address." I tried checking the website that I have used before and that is no longer working either. A message from Go Daddy comes up and says the website is locked.



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