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Hannah –

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I do not know why but I am to gullible and kind 🙁 This man messaged me while i was looking for a sugar daddy (oops) and later messaged me. From here we talked about life and such.

He decided he liked me and would give me a weekly alowance of 350 a week. Sound to good to be true? I guess so.

The next day i am awoken by a text. He messages me "Can you run to the grocery store and do something for me?". Obviously I say yes and i head over. He tells me to look in my bank which has me utterly confused. I check and theres 1500$ (Canadian) in my checking! He asks me to purchase 10 100$ google play gift cards. I go to do this but for some reason my debit card isnt working. I call the bank and they say that there is some fraud on my card.

Later on i go to my bank after buying this man a card with my own money… *** mistakes where made.

The 1500 in my account was a fake check and I was about 15 minutes away from going to jail for credit card fraud. Thankj god the fraud department of the bank picked up…. After 6 hours of being on hold -_-

So ya this sucks. I know his address basically its mid Houston Texas and I want to get this *** ** * *** Please help me if possible in any way shape or form. <3



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