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Katelyn –

Victim Location 91331

Type of a scam Phishing

I bought tickets through Latinofare since they had the best pricing. Long story but please read. I got an email stating I won’t get my e-tickets until verification is complete. The first email was from Latinofare. I went online and did that. Then I got a call and an email stating the transition is on hold pending verification but now it’s an email from airtkt. I checked my bank account and my charge went through and processed by Aeromexico. I called and was on hold for about 30 minutes and when I finally got a hold of someoneI couldn’t understand what he was saying. He told me I need to verify some info and to confirm my name, # and address because my bank couldn’t verify that info for them. Thought that was strange and he could tell I hesitated so he said they can charge my account an amount less the $5 and they’ll refund me to verify my bank account. Thought that was strange as well but he did it anyway. Then I was sent an email that I had to reply to and confirm. He told me I had to write something similar to the sample response which I’ll post. “I have read and reviewed the reservation including passenger names, flight details, travel date and charges for Eros Tours & Travel booking ID . I have found, all information is correct and keeping with all applicable laws, I agree and authorize third party payment for this booking and accept charges of USD on my card. I hereby acknowledge and agree that I am purchasing non-refundable (unless fare rules permits), non-transferable ticket(s). I also understand and agree that it is my responsibility to review the final amount and the flight information for the booking ID prior to making a purchase and confirming this transition. I agree that after the airline ticket(s) has been issued, I will not file a challenge or dispute to the charge that will be placed on my card for the above amount.” That seemed super sketch as I have purchased online flights from third parties. I asked if I had to do this now and he said yes right away. I decided I needed time and he got upset. I called my bank right away and they said DO NOT reply to them and to call Aeromexico. I explained what happened and they said everything is good on their end and they sent me my purchase confirmation. Long store but be careful. I first got an email from latinofare then another one but the email is from a company called airtkt. Now the confirmation email was for eros and I googled their reviews and all companies are related. I also googled the travel insurance and they’re all within the same company and the reviews for all companies are negative and what seems like a scam. I think they were trying to double charge me and have me sign away saying I can’t dispute that second charge. Airtkt and Eros tours are related. Google before purchase!!! I’ve had about 6 missed calls from them now but my bank told me to block their emails and not contact them since I got my tickets through Aeromexico.



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