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Joanna –

Victim Location 65806

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was bidding on fish on

I paid the seller 450 dollars for Australian Arowana and asked when i would get the fish. Kept giving me dates he send it and he never did and said using delivery service . The sellers email [email protected]

He said he was ening from delivery company

Then the seller tells me that delivery company keeping it for 2 weeks to quartine because fish was sick. I then tried calling and emailing delivery company and got no answer. Then when 2 weeks were up. Email them again and they wanted additional 350 dollars. Which i never agreed on. Then they threaten to sue me. But they never did and then seller contacts weeks later. Because he found out i got refund of the 450 dollars i gave to him. He was upset said why did i do that. Of course Its because I never received my fish. Then tells me that he would drop the delivery charge. I told him that I have only 150 dollars to spend he expected. Then said wait till Monday and sent him emails and he never returned any emails back. Until yesterday he said he would have some else pay for it and he said leave it. Which i didn’t understand. So i sent message back sayiny leave it ? He emails me back saying i knew it,i just wanted to see your reaction and this is what you say

huh?i will report you to the authorities,you will see.i am glad that

the shipping airline is also taking action about you so we will see.



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