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Brooke –

Victim Location 74008

Total money lost $499

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I had reached out to Nelnet regarding my Student Loans. Somehow during that conversation I was transferred to this company. I did not realize until recently that I had actually been giving money to them as opposed to Nelnet. I found out because I called Nelnet. They told me my loan had been paid off and sent to Navient. I called them and they informed me that I was in fact not paying on my loans and that I was in deferment. I did more research on the emails that were sent to me and realized that it was a company that must be intercepting phone calls to Nelnet. On their emails they look official, as does the website, but when I tried to reach out to them by phone, the phone numbers listed do not work. I received several emails from them regarding my student loans and had once reached out to them with no response. That is what made me curious. I have now canceled my bank account and reopened but am receiving text messages from all over the country regarding this. I was told by the woman at Navient I needed to file a complaint with for any one in the future that falls victim to this. They took me for $500 before I knew it and for nothing. I am a single mother on a very fixed income and this is definitely not something I can handle.

Melinda –

Victim Location 80126

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I am a fairly recent college graduate with approximately $40,000 of debt in federal loans. Since graduating in 2012, I have been contacted TWICE by companies claiming they can greatly or entirely reduce all of my student debt. They claim to be a part of the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program, the Education Reconciliation Act and a number of other official sounding organizations.

The first time they contacted me, I unfortunately fell for what they were saying, paid them approx. $400 for application processing and found out two years later it was a fake company that went "out of business" sometime after I had been in contact with them.

When I was contacted again just a couple of weeks ago by a different company, I reached out to Navient, my student loan provider, and they confirmed there are only two government-regulated forgiveness programs that are processed through them. They didn’t explicitly say the companies I asked them about were a scam, but they did say to proceed with caution, that most of the time they can’t promise what they are offering, and Navient has had a number of borrowers find themselves in unfortunate situations as a result of working with these companies.

I haven’t done any more research into the company that just contacted me, but the website is below and it sounds incredibly similar to the first scam I became a part of. I think it could be a story worth investigating for the sake of millions of recent graduates burdened with student loans who don’t need a scam taking even more of their money from them.



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