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Jeffery –

Victim Location 94611

Total money lost $3,550

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Alex call you with an offer to purchase your Mexican timeshare (Mayan Palace), saying there is a Mexican investor wanting to purchase many timeshare units. Contract is written and signed. Escrow is set up with Wynridge Escrow (partner in the scam). Wynridge Escrow says the money is all there and at the last minute, the money cannot be disbursed because the Mexican government is asking for a Foreign Investor Registration fee of $3,550. Alex acts surprised, does everything to get it changed, but at the end, I need to pay up front and the $3550 will be reimbursed when escrow closes — new contract is written with the appropriate changes. I wire the $3550 to pay the fee – paid to the Escrow Company (who is likely now spending the money on a beach somewhere). Five days later, another Mexican government request – this time for $4,200. What a scam!



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