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Nicolas –

Victim Location 87557

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Company contacts you via phone or email and says they have a buyer for your Timeshare Property. They quote a price that is more than you paid, and therefore is attractive. Terms are clearly states that you will pay them a 5% commission after you receive full price for your property. They are upfront about that. What you don’t realize until later is that the Escrow company you are set up with, discovers that you need to register with the SAT (Mexican IRS) and it costs a percentage of sale price to obtain the # (12% in my case, $4552). In spite of repeated clarification by me that I would receive my purchase, plus the $4552 which is paid into escrow by buyer, before I then wire the money to SAT and then 5% to Advantage, the terms suddenly change and I was asked to wire $4552 to a bank in Mexico first, so SAT # could be processed. Total scam, and Advantage is the company that directs you into it.



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