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Wayne –

Victim Location 02360

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Be aware of Advanced Resale Service. Claiming to be out of Atlantic City, NJ, there is no record of the company in NJ or in the USA for that matter. Names associated on "company letterhead": Daniel Riviera, Edward Lopez and Ralph Shaw. They only claim to have one telephone number, (609)482-3127, which when you leave a message doesn’t refer to the company but to a text mail subscriber. My father was targeted by Daniel and was sent "executed" documents to buy the Wyndham timeshare for $40K and said he w[censored]ding a deposit in the Dominican Republic (buyers were from this island). I joined a call between he and my father and asked numerous questions to validate that this was not a fraudulent scheme. He only had their website,, but this did not come up during a web search, only of typed in. He got my father’s name off a marketing list my father subscribed to 3 years earlier to try to sell the unit. Bottom line, Daniel clarified that for us to receive the $40K in funds from the sale that my father would have to pay $950 so the clerk could process the sale. I asked for a real estate license number (required to sell time shares from NJ) and he said it was not required. I asked for a copy of his driver’s license, business tax ID number, name of the bank/contact the business uses, the attorney they use and the telephone number he uses to coordinate a transfer of ownership with Wyndham. He never sent any of these items. Would have liked to have been wrong and sold the time for so much money.



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