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Samantha –

Victim Location 95821

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Re: Loan Approval Code GJD 689. The names given to me were Kevin Smith and Gabriel Light. Both sounded like the same person, though the one, Gabriel Light was the college of Kevin Smith. They had offered me a $5000 loan for 24 months with a monthly installment of $250. I should have known there was something tricky when they wanted to know if my account was legitimate so they could deposit the $5000 loan money. So they put their Reversal deposit of $140 in my bank and I bought their $140 Walmart gift card purchase. I was told my loan would be put in my bank yesterday (Monday) afternoon, but time has gone on too long…I phoned the number they gave me again this afternoon and just heard the phone message from the same familiar voice. It was after working hours.

The thing that I should never have done was give them my bank ID & password, but now I’m going to change it if possible because when I phoned up my bank this evening, here were two transactions not authorized by me, One from Unity Asset Management No. 716-829993 NY for $450 AND THE OTHER, Unity Asset Management Same No. for $180.00. Both of them say "Reversal:" before saying it’s for Unity Asset Management. So, what are they planning on doing? Taking that money back from the account which is not my money? I hardly had any money in my account to begin with and maybe it’s a good thing! I was scammed in the past and lost money and I don’t even see how I could be so foolish and be talked into this sort of thing. Guess I wanted that loan too badly. Anyway, as I said, I am going to change my ID and password and see what happens next.



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