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Lindsey –

Victim Location 28166

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was called & told I was approved for a loan for 3000 & the funds would be in my account the next day. The next day I was called & asked to send proof of my account being a real account even though they had all my account information including log in & debit card # so the monthly payments could be drafted. I was then told money would be deposited in my account but i needed to send them back a portion of it to show i would pay the loan back. I was then contacted by my bank saying there were claims made on my account for 1000. I had my account frozen so i was not out any money. Thank god the bank acted quick & I didn’t go through with the whole thing but I will have to close my account & start a new one.

Austin –

Victim Location 27537

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

So I’ll wake up this morning remind you I applied for a loan and I wake up this morning I have a email they said I was approved for a loan so then the number calls my phone stating it was Advance America and I was approved for a loan and I should have got a confirmation email for verification with the approval code the interest rate the monthly fee and how much the loan was for. So I proceeded to talk to them and he ask me was I need a Walmart. I asked him why did I need to go to Walmart? He says to me you have to send $300 to make sure that you are a good person. So I asked him well why do I need to send $300? In order to get a loan or just to see that I am a good person? He said this is too Ensure that you can make your monthly payments of $300 every month for 30 months. So I laughed at the fact. I hung up the phone and I looked up the number where I had did the loan. I call and a woman answered the phone this was the company in South Hill Virginia. I proceeded to tell her what was going on and she was really rude and I brushed It Off I asked her was there anybody that was headquarters the director or anybody over them or some top person that I could speak with. and she told me I know a couple of times and I got aggravated Emma Temple was about to come out. So after I said what I had to say she begins to say and I asked a question the 4th time she said well we do have somebody but you have to wait to my manager get in tomorrow. So I said whatever and hung up. I call the next Advance America in South Boston Virginia and the lady was pretty nice she was helpful she listened to the story she understood and she gave me corporate number. So of course I call corporate and a woman picked up the phone and I begin to tell her the story but she wouldn’t let me get it out before I can say anything her first words was you went to the wrong site that was a scammer site if you didn’t put in Advance America. Net then it wasn’t us so I began to tell her that the site I had went on was legit. I began to tell her I went back on the site to get the number of the Advance America that was a legit company located and South Hill Virginia I wasn’t mad with the company itself, I was mad with the fact that this company is Nationwide and they do not have any type of security to keep scammers from getting other people Bank information Social Security numbers birth dates anything involving their life. To have scammers break into these systems get people info steal their money is a damn shame it’s sad to say the government have all this money and you mean to tell me did all the smart people out here can’t stop scammers online from doing s*** like this. Y’all have the power to delete anything involving scammers fake pages fake sites fake numbers but y’all choose not to. To have money taken from me a few days for Christmas because y’all are fortunate and some are not to have this money taken from me am I family is sad because y’all choose not to do anything about this. So my child has to go without Christmas all because a people’s stupidity. this makes people not won’t to give there information online because of things like this especially loan places clothing stores places like this for example take my story so I say certain people he’ll everybody be careful because they ain’t going to give you your money back they not going to care because they sleep good every night why others are out busting their butt just to provide. Now these people have my information but it’s okay I will make a way.

Adriana –

Victim Location 39581

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

After receiving the text message, I checked my email to see if there was a matching offer with more detail. The email had a lending agreement pdf attached. I noticed a lot of broken English. Punctuation and spelling mistakes were almost as common as the grammatical errors in the lending agreement. This set off a red flag because a legitimate business will not make such mistakes. My husband called the number from his cell phone and the man with a thick Arabic sounding accent told him that he had to call back from the phone that the text message was sent to in order for them to proceed. My husband hung up to keep his phone from being hacked.

Joseph –

Victim Location 32773

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Loan Approval Code – *** Dear Customer:

The following Loan has been approved for $8000 by Advance America:

Advance America Loan Approval Letter

Section 1705–Approval valid for 30 Days

This is to notify you that the Advance America has approved your loan application up-to $8000.We offer the best interest rates in the industry, and we have a 99.9% approval rating on all personal loans we process in-house. Our personal loans are unsecured and there is no personal guarantee or collateral required from the borrower.

Advance America does not charge any up-front fees for your loan.

Once you request for a personal loan has been approved, your lender will ask that you review and sign the agreement so that your loan can be processed. In Most cases, your funds can be deposited directly into your bank account via electronic fund transfer in as little as 2 business day.

Please get in touch with us for getting further details for your loan application. Sincerely,

Kari Kari Clark

Advance America Director of Funding Department

Advance America Cash Advance 800Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660




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