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Emmanuel –

Victim Location 55117

Type of a scam Utility

I received a call claiming to be Xcel Energy telling me that our electricity will be shut off in an hour. I was given a phone to call to talk to Customer Service. The voicemail when I called sounded just like Xcel. I was asked our phone number which did not match our account number. When I told the woman the check for our last payment cleared the bank. She hung up on me. I called back, not realizing I was being scammed. This time the gentleman gave me a phone number not associated with our business and told me we were 3 months in arrears. When I told him he couldn’t shut off the electricity when it was 5 below zero he told me to have the owner of the company call. Our electricity would be shut off in 25 minutes.When I tried to argue I was hung up on again. My boss realized it was a scam as soon as I told him what was going on.

Please tell other consumers to call the number on the bill not the number given to them by an associate claiming to be an employee of Xcel Energy.



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