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Tammy –

Victim Location 11704

Total money lost $120

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

I signed up to the site called after hearing about an iPhone giveaway they were doing from a blogpost I read. It cost a dollar to sign up for a subscription, but when I tried to cancel I noticed some red flags. First off the website is acount manager instead of account. Then when I emailed them to cancel (this was the way it said to cancel the account) they sent back an email which said the following:

"Dear Costumer.

You have written to our support and we will strive to help you within 24 hours.

This email is no longer valid. Please use the contact form on

If you can not login into your account and use the contact formular in the menu (information), for our support concerns.

Please use the one in the top of the page at (Contact).

If this is about cancellation, you can do it yourself from your user account, under my settings.

Best regards

OBS: We only respond and react to English in our support."

It’s a standard automated response, but if you read it carefully you can see that it sounds like they’re intentionally tricking people. I cancelled my account the way I was supposed to got this email back saying they would reply in 24 hours. But by the time I realized that they changed how to cancel I was charged a second time. I feel like putting that line before "email is no longer valid" is a way of tricking people.

Furthermore the website doesn’t have a phone number or an address or any other ways of getting in contact with them besides an email form. So I deleted my account (i’m still not sure if I’m going to continue to be charged because there was no cancellation button) and sent a new email with the form stating the problems I had with cancellation. Here’s what I got back after a detailed email about the problem:

"Thanks for contacting technical support.

You made a purchase where a subscription to or was part of the bargain.

When you signed up you agreed to our terms that i hope you read.

You recieved an email with login info when you subscribed.

Your username is the email you used to register.

There is a "Forgot Password" option on the login site. Remember to check your spam-folder.

To cancel your subscription please log into your account, and go to my settings.

Top right corner – Settings- My account – left side column – My subscription – Cancel Subscription.

Thanks for using our product."

They basically ignored everything I said so I emailed them back and the next day they sent the same exact email back to me. So even this form of contact there is no way of me getting their attention. It’s full of automated responses and tricks.

I figured I’d bring this to you guys and hopefully you can find out more information on them so I have some way of getting my money back. I also feel like there’s gotta be others that signed up for the promotion and are having similar issues.




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