acker asphalt and paving

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Janet –

Victim Location 27495

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Home Improvement

one person comes by andgives you an overview of the job and tells you what it will cost.Like we had some extra asphalt and need to get rid of it and heres a deal. Gets half driveway done and about 2 feet on other side enough to mess it up and then says we They had enough all along to do whole thing.When have enough to finish both sides which in turn doubles the original price.They then measure and give you footage and price.Which is about 1500.00 more than was

originally quoted.Then get real nasty when you tell them you don.t have that kindof money.This is a different guy-original guy has left and this one is a smart aleck and gets threatening to a handicapped man and his 73 yr old sister.



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