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Caleb –

Type of a scam Employment

I’ve received an email addressing me by my full name regarding a resume I’ve posted. The message never mentioned the company and it was posted to me at 5:00 AM on a Sunday. The spelling was correct, but the grammar was off; simple things that I assumed to be an honest mistake from an HR manager. That probably should have been my first warning sign. Still, because I justified that I’ve sent out more resumes than I can remember and that this person may be just working on her off time, I responded to the email.

It was a part time job and they offered one-on-one training. They even went through the trouble of staging a telephone interview with me later. It seemed legit. They gave me the details about the ‘position’ as a Travel Manager and sent me some documents regarding the job. I had to admit that it looked fairly legit at first glance. The only issue was that the logo seemed a bit basic. I’ve signed a few employment agreement sheets(which I later found out was a minimally altered free template you can easily get from the internet. Nice) and later sent the filled out documents to them.

I’ve completed a basic test where i had to pick out some tourist sites for my town. I live in the middle of nowhere, basically. Apart form some golf courses, farmer’s markets, stables for horseback riding and some mediocre ski hills, there isn’t much to attract tourists here. Still, I completed the test and passed. They apparently selected me out of a crowd of applicants. Second warning sign.

The next test for me was the request for my banking information, even though I’m currently only in the training phase. Outside of some text basically stroking my ego a bit and telling me how I came out on top over a wave of other applicants, they gave me this request verbatim:


Third warning sign. That is when I became very suspicious. I looked up similar scams on the internet and they sound very close to this offer. By this time, I flatly refused and reported them here. They took a lot of care to look legit, but



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